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Thursday, August 4, 2016

DIY Harry Potter Wish Bracelet

A while ago, I joined a Harry Potter themed pen pal group.  In this group they have a birthday section in which you can send a birthday card for the pen pals in that group for the month.  I wanted to come up with a cheap, easy and fun gift to send along with my cards as a surprise for the birthday Harry Potter fan.  This idea came to mind and are super simple to make! 
What you need:
*  Beads (I used owls.  I found a pack of 100 for $4 on amazon and they worked great)
*  String (I picked two colors for each different house in Harry Potter)
*  Card stock (I printed the below pictures 6 to a sheet)
*  Needle (This depends on the size of your bead hole)
*  Scissors
*  Ruler
*  Tape (Optional)
*  Plastic bags (I had some candy bags on hand so just used them) (Optional)
Step One:
Thread your needle and slide 10-15 beads on the string.
Step Two:
Use your ruler and cut the string 17 inches long.
Step Three:
Tie a knot on either side of the bead to hold it in place.
Step Four:
Tie the two ends using a double fishermans knot as seen in the picture above that I found on Pinterest.  There is several ways you can do this section but I like this knot.
Step Five:
Print out the cards on card stock and cut a small section to slide the string on. (see below) 
Step Six:
Place in bag and seal with a small piece of tape.
Easy and so very cute for any party or just to make for friends!


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