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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Welcome to my new blog review of the books I read and love. I'm a huge fan of books. There is nothing in this world better for relaxing than getting lost in a really good book on a rainy and cold afternoon. Over the years I have read thousands, so many in fact that sometimes I'm known to buy the same book twice! This year my state is celebrating its 150th birthday. My local library has started this fun group activity to read 150 books in one year. As of today (May 21, 2013) I am at 72 books with 78 left to go and not even half way through the year.
I came up with the name Book, Wine and Time because everything else I could think of was taken. Who would have known the amount of blogs out there.
I thought this would be a great place to start documenting my books and maybe giving my opinion on each one. I read anything and everything as long as it can hold my interest.  Even the books that I find really bad, I still can't seem to put them down until the last page. I had one of these a few weeks ago...dry, slow.....BAD. But others loved the books so to each their own.
My taste lately has been YA. I find the high school romance and first taste of love refreshing. I like action and adventure and light romance. Although since ALOT of the free ebooks are romance, I find I'm reading more and more of them.
What I look for in a book?
1. A book needs pages. What I mean to say is a book has to be long enough that a story is developed and draws the reader in and keeps them in on every page. I find some books are just to short and the story just seems rushed.
2. Beware of the love at first page. When I read things like "I would die for her" on the first few pages of a book after the characters just meet, I want to toss the thing right out of the window. It's a book....stop making characters fall in love so fast. Pull your readers in by dragging it out a little. Let the readers fall in love with the characters before they do. Makes for a better books to read.
3. The F-bomb. I'm not sure when this became so big but I'm finding it more and more in books and it kind of drives me crazy. To drop this word now and then is not that bad but to have every sentence spoken out of a character’s mouth having this word in it kind of kills the story.
4. And the one thing that drives me crazy is when a story just ends and leaves you hanging for the next book that doesn't come out until years later. I can't stand this. I read so many books that most of the time I forget all about the next one coming out. I kind of wish that if someone published a book series that they would complete the whole series before they sale the first book. That way, if you like it, you can buy all the books and enjoy the complete story. Although there is a few really GREAT books that I have my calendar marked for when they come out.
With all the above being said...I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope that the books I read and post about will be something that interests you to read as well. Everything I state will be my opinion. Please take note that I'm doing this for fun, nothing more. Enjoy!

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