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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lion King Baby Shower

Last weekend I put together a baby shower for my niece, Kasey.  Everyone knows that I HATE spending money on store bought favors so I like to design my own.  Below is party stuff and the information to help you make your own.

Guest Book:
Instead of using a guest book to sign in, I made a calendar for everyone to pick a date of when they think the baby will come. I made the calendar on PowerPoint and found the lion background print on Yahoo Images.  I then found a few baby Lion King images on yahoo and added it to the calendar to tie it in with the theme.  I found a picture frame at the Dollar Store and removed the glass.  I found pink hand and footprint stickers in the scrapbook section at my local Wal-Mart. These worked great.  Since this was an outside baby shower, I left bug spray out for our guests as a special touch.  

Table and Decorations:
I went with green table clothes and mixed and matched yellow and green plates.  I wrapped fork, spoon and knife inside of a napkin and tied with pick ribbon saying "It's a Girl."  I placed these inside a clear cup as sort of a center piece.

I had a pop-up shade tent that I hung plastic table clothes in different color to give the tent a more party feel.  This was a pain in the @** and I will not do it again :-)  I then blew up pink, green and yellow balloons and hung in the center with pink pacifiers hanging down with "It's a Girl" ribbon.  This was nice because every time the wind would blow you would here then cling together like a wind chime.

 For games I created a card style document which had all the games we were playing.  Below is the template I created.  I deleted Kasey's name and shower date to allow anyone else to use this idea for their party.  One game that is not listed is the play-doh baby.  Each person was given a small container of play-doh which I was able to find at Wal-Mart for 20 cents a piece.  Using the play-doh they had to create a baby.  It was pretty funny to see what everyone came up with.

My favorite part of any party is the favors.  I always go over board but I love coming up with the ideas and creating each item.  For this party I did several different ones.  Since it was a Lion King party I had to do something with animal crackers.  I filled a snack size baggy with cookies and then taped it to green card stock.  I made the tags and printed on label paper and just peeled and stuck it to the card stock.  I love labels and use them like stickers ALL THE TIME!!!  Below is the template I created minus the name and shower date for anyone to use.
Next, I created "Bun in the Oven" boxes with Cinnamon bun cookies inside.  The small boxes I got on sale at Wal-Mart years ago.  I think I paid something like $5.00 for 100.  I use them all the time so if you find them on sale....grab them up!  I just happened to find the cookies by chance. I found the oven on Yahoo Images and added the "Bun in the Oven".  I also added the "time" as the date of the shower.  I created the stove top by using PowerPoint and then just found images of a towel and oven mitts to add.  I again used labels to print these images out on and then peeled and stuck onto the boxes. 

Last I created a peanut favor.  I found the boxes at the Dollar Store (10 for $1.00).  You can get a huge bag of peanuts for around $3.00 at your local store.  I also grabbed some yellow tissue paper to add a touch of color.  I found the monkey on Yahoo Images and added the saying along with Kasey's name and shower date.  I then printed it off guessed it....labels! Below is the template you can use to make yours.

To add a little more fun to the party, I had a Diaper Change station set up where guests could leave a note for the parents on those late nights when all you want to do is sleep but your baby has other ideas.  Everyone had a blast coming up with cute things to say. 
For my first baby shower, I think this turned out really well and I was able to keep within a budget by doing a lot of things myself.  I hope this give others ideas of their own and you have has much fun as I did.

Until next time!

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  1. Wow, this baby shower is just fantastic. Pleased to see these photographs here. My cousin also had surprise baby shower from our common friend. She hosted this bash at one of local Los Angeles venues. I also helped her with handmade decorations.