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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fall Away Series by Penelope Douglas

This year I am doing another book challenge.  This one is reading 151 books in one year.  For my first two books, I found these for my kindle which was on sale for the Holiday’s.  I couldn't pass these up and liked the story line. 

Bully (Fall Away Series) by Penelope Douglas
Published June 16, 2013
332 Pages
Price - $0.99

This story sucked me in, even though I’ve read so many books with the same story line.   Tatum (love the name) and Jared grew up living beside each other.  They were best friends until Jared comes back from spending the summer with his dad.  After that he pushed Tatum away and was down right awful to her.  He and his friend spread rumors and pulled pranks on her to make the whole school turn against her.  

Tatum jumps at the chance to spend a year in France and away from Jared.  When she comes back for their senior year, she is totally different and finally starts fighting back.  

There was one point in the book when Jared brings Tatum’s best friend into the drama that made me want to reach through the book and smack him but Tatum held her own.

I had a lot of unanswered questions which made me buy Until You to read Jared's story. 

Until You (Fall Away Series) by Penelope Douglas
Published December 4, 2013
404 Pages
Price - $2.99

After reading Bully, I wanted to read what was going on in Jared’s mind and why he would treat Tatum the way he had.  From the hints in Bully, I knew he had suffered but reading the amount he had suffered was heart breaking.  After reading his story I more understand what Douglas was writing about in Bully and all my questions were answered.

This story crosses into Bully but it is not chapter for chapter.  Jared’s goes into more details that left questions from the last book.  Like the part where he was in the hall with the friend.  I liked reading what he was thinking as he was kissing the friend.  He also had that, I don't want you but nobody else can have you either, kind of plan.

There were a few things in the book that I found unbelievable and kind of silly but I still wanted to keep reading.  I also loved Madoc (Jared’s best friend) in this book rather than Bully.  I felt rather sorry for him when Tatum bring him to his knees.  We also get to find out why he has helped Jared bully Tatum all these years.  

I also loved Jax (Jared’s brother) and can’t wait to read his story.  Since he suffered way more then Jared, so I expect it to be more painful to read.

I would give these books four stars.  They are good reads for the price and I would recommend it to my friends.    

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