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Friday, May 30, 2014

Father's Day Craft Ideas

As per my style, I used to come up with crafty ideas for Father's Day.  Now that I am divorced, I kind of just look over that Holiday as just another day.  But since the day is coming up, it's a perfect time to toss in some of the gift ideas I created in the past.  I can't remember all of them but here is a few that I was able to find pictures of.

In 2008, I created the above basket.  I pulled all the pictures I could find of my kid and his dad and prepared these little sayings as if my kid was thanking his dad for something to go with each picture.  I then purchased his favorite beer, ribbon and basket to finish off the look.
  • Birth Picture - Thanks for loving me from the day I was born.
  • Group Picture - Thanks for just being you.
  • Fishing Picture - Thanks for teaching me to fish.
  • Holding his son Picture - Thanks for always supporting me.
  • Jumping on Dad's belly Picture - Thanks for letting me walk all over you.
  • Wrapped in Blanket Picture - Thanks for keeping me warm.
  • Sleeping on Dad Picture - Thanks for keeping the monsters away.
I can't remember the rest of them because it's been such a long time ago.  You can use any picture and just come up with something cute to go with it letting the child thank his father for something creative and special.

In 2009, I just purchased a picture frame and took four different pictures of the kiddo holding a sign he colored.  After it was finished it said...I Love My Dad.
  • Picture 1 - Kiddo holding a picture of the word "I"
  • Picture 2 - Kiddo holding a picture of a heart.
  • Picture 3 - Kiddo holding a picture of the word "My"
  • Picture 4 - Kiddo holding a picture of the word "Dad"

This one I think was around 2011 when the little one was old enough to write.  I was showing my kiddo some ideas of what to do for his dad for fathers day and he jumped at the chance to make this.  It was chocolate...what kid wouldn't?  My kiddo wrote and taped all the candy to the board himself and was very excited to give this to his dad. 
"Dad, I wanted to give you a WHOPPing 100 GRAND for a Father's Day shopping SPREE but the money slipped through my BUTTERFINGERS.  It wasn't PAYDAY and a pet KIT KAT, a trip to New YORK, or an ORBIT around the MILKY WAY just wouldn't do.  So take a BREAK as I wish you MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY as you eat this and I hope it doesn't make you ROLOover and get sick.  If it does, I promise not to SNICKERs.  I love you to PIECES.  Your little GOOBERs."   
If I remember anymore, I will update this post in the future.

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