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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Norwegian Getaway 7-Day Western Caribbean Cruise

I'm a little late posting our Norwegian Cruise information but a little late is better then never!  I will be writing another blog on how I planned our cruise and one for each of the islands we visited.  This one is just about the Norwegian Getaway!

Not to self…never rent a car to drive from Orlando to Miami to catch a cruise.  It wasn’t a happy ride but our flight flew into Orlando and we decided to spend the day at Universal before visiting family for a few days before the cruise. 
Once we got to the port, it was just a matter of checking in.  You can check out their website on directions and/or information on hotel rides.  Do keep in mind that if you plan on parking your car for your cruise there will be parking fee to pay.

A guy was waiting out front to take our suitcases and our case of water.  He will have tickets to put on your water to make sure it gets to your room.  Have tip money ready because they sure are not shy with asking for it.
We had to go through security and my son had his backpack searched because his aunt gave him a light up toy knife.  If you are wondering, this kind of stuff isn't allowed.  We had to fill out a form in order for them to keep and be able to pick it up the day we leave the ship. 

After that it is another line in which we are handed health forms to complete.  We do this while waiting to be checked in.  Make sure you have a pen handy.  The line goes pretty fast but was funny to watch this lady, nose in air, walk past us lower life forms to get to the priority boarding.  I kind of know what Jack felt like on the titanic. 

Once it was our turn, we showed our confirmation, passports, and health forms to the lady.  She takes everyone’s picture and hands over the room keys.  Which by the way, doesn’t have your room number on them so start remembering your room number when you find out.
Relaxation was in sight – almost.  We had to walk around and around this winding plank before being greeted by singing, dancing and hand sanitizer for everyone!


Finding our room was pretty easy because I took a few minutes to look over the map of the ship before going.  We did have some excitement on the way down the hall to our room.  There was a couple with two small children in front of us and a crew member was between us.  We saw them opening their room door and then heard the mom scream.  We saw blood start seeping through the top of her white shoe.  Not really sure what happened but her foot somehow came into contact with the door.  The husband starts screaming for medical and yelling he wants to file a report to the crew member who stopped to help.  I felt really bad for the crew member because he was kind of freaked out.  The dad was going nuts and the mom was in a lot of pain.  There was nothing we could do so we left them in the crew member’s hands and continued on to our room. 

Our room was pretty nice.  I had first booked an inside state room but a few weeks before our cruise, I called to see if what I could get as an upgrade.  Turned out we were able to get a mini suit with balcony for a few extra bucks!  It pays to do your research.  I'm so happy we got the upgrade because I loved looked at the ocean. 

It was a lot like a regular hotel room.  The beds are really soft and the pillows are comfy.  Each room has two twin beds pushed together to make a queen.  The sofa also folds out to make another bed. 

The bathroom is a pretty good size, along with the shower.  The shower has jets to hit your whole body.  There was also shampoo and body gel in case you didn’t pack any.  My son loved the tiny toilet and “had” to use it 3 times within the first ½ hour.
The mini frig is small and comes fully stocked.  I asked that it be emptied so we could put our own water and pop inside.  We purchased these items before boarding the ship to keep room costs down.  It worked out well.  I don’t drink soda so the six pops we brought allowed my son to have one each day.  We even had left over water bottles by the end of the cruise.
The coffee pot is an added bonus.  There is free coffee, juice and tea most of the day in one of the eating areas.
The TV played new movies on a cycle most of the trip.  So if you missed it the first day, chances are you will get to see it over and over again during your vacation.  I got sick of Frozen within the first few days.  Let it go became our catch phrase for the trip.

Two beach towels are provided and you must take them topside to use at the pool.  You are also allowed to take them on the islands but it is a pretty high price to pay if one comes up lost. You may exchange the towels for clean ones at the towel station by the pools.  Just remember to leave them when you go home or you will be charged $25 fee.

I loved LOVED the balcony.  It was big enough for two chairs and a small side table.  It was a good foot stool while enjoying the morning or afternoon breeze.  We also enjoyed breakfast there and watching the docking process.
To make the trip special for my son, I brought him a new blanket, pillow and toys which I hide in my suitcase and surprised him when he left the room. 

I also brought a few magnet clips with me (found at the dollar store) which helped hang stuff on the wall.  This was a BIG help to keep everything organized. 
Being new to cruising, the ship life was a little confusing at first.  Trying to figure everything out was a little stressful.  This is a free style cruise which means it is more laid back.  You are given a daily planning guide which will tell you times and different places to eat throughout the day.  There is also a schedule of daily actives you can choose to do – some for an extra fee – but most are free to enjoy.

We walked around the ship several times at night to help learn where everything was.  The entertainment, some restaurants and shopping are on the lower floors (6, 7 and 8) with a few restaurants on 15 and 16.  To help find our door easier, my son decorated it for Thanksgiving.
There is Laundry Service onboard but we did not use this service.  Here is the handout for information.

They also have programs for children.  Once you get onboard, you can sign your kid up by stopping in and filling out the paperwork.  They will be given a wristband to wear for the complete cruise. 
DAY 1 (11/22/2016) - Departs Miami at 4:00 pm

DAY 2 (11/23/2016) - Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas
Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

DAY 3 (11/24/2016) - AT SEA
I had scheduled the PJ Jam for our first full day at sea.  This is an extra cost added onto your cruise.  It is also the day my son tells me he isn’t a little kid anymore and I should have saved my money.  He didn’t enjoy this at all but I had a good time.  The kids there were a little younger then him so I guess it is time to let that stuff go.  Finding this out, I made sure to get what I’m sure will be the last picture with SpongeBob.  Sad days to see your kids grow up.

It had been raining off and on which also means wind.  This means that some of the fun stuff offered on the cruise was off limits.  I really had high hopes of trying the areal obstacle course and rock wall but that was closed for our first day at sea.  We stuck with mostly playing miniature golf and enjoying the water slides.  Those are pretty cool.

I also got to go to Carlos Bakery (which is on the ship) and HAD to get a cupcake.  It was a pretty good $3 cupcake and I can finally say that I have had one.  That is all that matters.  I’m sure they taste much better made fresh.
I also got to try the running track and enjoyed it as well.  I did my 3 miles in 29.31.  Although I’m not sure if miles are right.  Track is 8 loops = 1 mile. 
We took in the show Burn the Yard but ended up leaving ½ hour into it.  It was all dancing and singing but my head was hurting and just didn’t care to see the whole show.

DAY 4 (11/25/2016) - Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Ocho Rrios, Jamaica

DAY 5 (11/26/2016) - George Town, Grand Cayman
Even on a ship, black Friday is nuts.  Crazy to see so many people go nuts over cheap stuff.  I found nothing.  The obstacle course was finally open but I didn’t get to do it.  I got stuck holding the camera because you are not allowed to take it up with you.  So remember to leave this behind in your room.  We played several games of miniature golf and played on the slides some more.
Save your money and do NOT fall for the cheap watches.  That is what they watches!

DAY 6 (11/27/2016) - Cozumel, Mexico
Xcaret Park, Mexico

DAY 7 (11/28/2016) - At Sea

DAY 8 (11/29/2016) - Miami at 8:00 am

Random Pictures.....

Each day, the cleaning guy will leave you something to make you laugh. 


The water slides was the main reason I picked this cruise.  There is five large slides to pick from.  The kids pool is located under the slides.

The adult only swimming pool is by the stage.

There is a basketball court for the ones that love to shoot hoops.

Another big activity is the areal obstacle course.  Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to take a camera (they will not even allow you to put it in a pocket) so do not bring it if you want to do this course.  It will also be closed if it rains or is windy (which was most of the trip for us). 

There is a camera located at the walking the plank area which allows you to take a picture of yourself.  The pictures can be purchased later in the photo area of the ship.

The rock wall was really fun.  You must wear socks so bring some with you.  They will have shoes for you to wear along with all the equipment.
One night they set up the Wii on the big screen and allowed the children to play each other.

The food was amazing.  We ate so much food and loved it all!!!

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