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Monday, November 7, 2016

Creation Museum - Petersburg, Kentucky

This past weekend, my son and I decided to take a day trip and visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.  A search online did not give me much information on either so we were kind of going in blind.  I have broken these experiences up into two different blogs with a link to each other at the end just in case someone is only looking to do one or the other.

Creation Museum is open Monday-Friday (10:00-6:00); Saturday (9:00-6:00); and Sunday (12:00-6:00). 

They also offer a 20% veteran's discount but the catch is that you have to pay the full price at the door for each experience.  The savings is equal to just paying for the combo tickets and you will get to skip the long line wait if you just purchase the combo tickets from the website.
We arrived at 9:00 on Saturday morning and was able to park pretty close to the door.  Unfortunately we were also about a minute behind a large group of 50+ people so it was pretty crowded at the start. We decided to skip the first room so that we could get ahead of the crowd and that worked out pretty well.
Biblical Authority

Culture in Crisis

Wonders of Creation

Wonders of Creation

This Museum had tons of wonderful art and interactive exhibits.  A lot of the "people" move and talk in the exhibits which made each one highly entertaining as you are learning.  My favorite part was the Wonders of Creation Exhibit.  It was like walking through a wooded area and discovering Eden.
The museum also has a garden you can walk around.  We did not do this because the weather was not the best and we were really excited to move on to the Ark Encounter.  Looking back, I wished we would have taken the time to look around this area as well. 
Overall, Creation Museum was a pretty good experience and I give it four stars out of five.  I would like to go back maybe during a week day when the museum is less crowed to allow for the whole experience without feeling rushed.  It took us close to 1.5 hours to see this Museum. 

You may also want to read about our adventure at the Ark Encounter.

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