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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Simple DIY Recycling Trash Can

When I bought my house, it came with a small recycling bin.  Being a nature lover, I try to do my part in saving the world by recycling as much as I can.  Fast forward 10 years later and my small recycling bin has started breaking apart.  Plus, since my city only picks up recycling once a month, I was left with way more recycling bags then what would fit inside the bin.  

This left me searching for a new container.  What I found was really expensive at $100-$300!  I'm a penny pincher and budget lover so I decided to find a way to make my own at a fraction of the cost!

I found these 32 gallon trash cans with attached lid and wheels for $16.  I purchased Krylon Fusion All-in-one (Patriotic Blue) for $4.96.  

I also purchased recycling stickers off of Amazon (5 for $6 for $1.20 each).  So the total cost for the project was $22.20 before taxes!  As I have so much recycling, I bought two which still only comes to $44.40 and well under the price to buy a blue trash can.

We waited until a pretty day and went to painting!  It only took around a half hour to cover the cans.  I left it to dry over night and then touched up spots the next morning.  Overall, I love the way it turned out.  I'm now going to paint my other trash cans something colorful as well!  

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