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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Peel and Stick Bricks with Paintable Wallpaper Remodel

I bought a fixer-upper home and have been slowly remolding it one project at a time on a limited budget.  I got my house at a great deal but in exchange it has been a lot of elbow work to get it to where it is today.  In fact, I lived in my tent inside my house for the first week until I could get it cleaned enough to be comfortable.  

One of the most hated rooms in my house is the bathroom!  It was very outdated with even an old fashioned wood toilet.  The walls were another issue with two different types of texture.  First thing I did was replace the toilet.  The walls took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do on a budget.  I covered the walls with wallpaper just until I could come up with a plan.  

I love the bead board look but not the price.  Luckily, I found a cheaper paintable wallpaper on Amazon for $24.  Ignore the bubbles in the wallpaper 😕 because I found out that I'm not very good at hanging it BUT I have plans to cover the flaws with pictures.  I also love the brick look but again, not the cost.  I found peel and stick 3D foam bricks on Amazon.  I would have loved if they were colored like real bricks but as this is a bathroom, the white works for me.

They were really simple to put up.  I took the extra step to cut out bricks on the end of the sheets so there was no breaks in the bricks.  You just peel the sheet off the back, like a sticker, and apply to the wall.  After it was up, I took caulk to the lines to hide where they connected. 


As for the wallpaper, I used the same trick of applying caulk to hide the connecting sheets.  Unfortunately, I didn't look close enough to the caulk and applied a nonpaintable brand (insert head smack).  I tried several ways to try and fix this problem but the only thing that worked for me was adding paintable caulk overtop the nonpaintable.  It took a while to cover every spot but it worked!


I liked the look so much that I bought extra white bricks to add on a wall in another room to cover a flaw in the drywall.  I might paint the walls again because I wanted the color of the shower curtain but I also suck at picking out colors so I never get what I really want.  

This really was a pretty simple project that was cheap and easy instead of doing a full remodel.  I plan to do a remodel in the future but for now, this look works!


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