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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rainbow Party Favors

Coming up with a creative and fun favor for a thirteen year old's birthday party was a little challenging.  I wanted something different, with a lot of colors and not to kiddish for young teenagers.  For this party I created two different favors.  

The first was personalized suckers with the birthday girls name.  I found the suckers at Oriental Trading in bulk.  I found the rainbows on yahoo images and then added the personal touch and printed them on labels.  If you use the 2"x4" you should be able to fit 2 rainbows on one label.  I then printed out and cut to fit the sucker.  This was simple and easy to do.

Also at Oriental Trading (one of my favorite online party stores), I found these make your own puzzles and rainbow crayons.  An idea formed to use these so that the teenagers could make their own master piece puzzles to pass to each other to solve. 

Step One:  I found the rainbow I wanted to use on Yahoo Images and then added the personal message.  I printed the rainbows on labels and then used different colored card stock to make the top.

 Step Two:  Cute the card stock into two different pieces.

 Step Three:  Cute each side into equal threes and fold in the center.

Step Four:  Add your stickers.  Pretty simple.

Step Five:  Gather the above a stapler (not pictured).

Step Six:  Place the items in the baggy, making sure that the pen is standing up before you move on to the next step.
Step Seven:  Flip the bag over, fold to fit the puzzle, tuck the corner up and then tape to hold it together.

Step Eight:  Fold the top down and tape.

Step Nine:  Add the top and staple together.

This was a pretty simple favor to make.  I would have liked to use paints (water colors) but the room the party was in did not allow such things. Enjoy :-)

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